Transforming Childrens’
Mental Health Services


A sanctuary, a safe place, an inlet protected from the stormy sea

Our specialist inpaitient environments provide protection, warmth and consistency for those who use our services

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Our Background

We are delighted to introduce Cove Healthcare to all of those involved, or with an interest in, children’s mental health services. Cove Healthcare is an absolutely pioneering approach to children’s mental health care (CAMHS), incorporating high levels of inpatient CAMHS secure care, general CAMHS provisions and specialist community resources.

Building on Cove’s well-established residential provision since 2008, and prior to this extensive experience from the early 1990’s at all levels and specialities of inpatient CAMHS, Cove aims to blend the learnings from working within these sectors, with the benefit of time, experience and in-depth knowledge, in their new Healthcare service.

For context, these experiences have included setting up the UK’s first unit which ‘sat between’ inpatient forensic CAMHS and general adolescent CAMHS, piloted at an independent sector provider from 1997. No similar service existed at the time, and this successful innovation was quickly adopted by other providers and the NHS and has developed into the national template for children’s psychiatric intensive care.

Our Locations

Cove Healthcare are currently developing Smallwood Manor, an expansive country estate in North Staffordshire for their tier 4 CAMHS services, and several community-based resources. This beautiful setting is a wonderful therapeutic environment for young people and their families in which to receive care and treatment; and is a magnificent setting in which to work, or to visit. The site also has fantastic facilities for a professional conference or event.

As well as Smallwood Manor, Cove also has a network of community residential services within the Staffordshire and West Midlands regions. Our small homes are all registered with Ofsted or CQC and offer residential placements for young people between the ages of 10-25.

Cove Healthcare


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